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Hi people, welcome. All video samples that you want to see here are all projects that I have done since 2015. I will keep the update as there are still many at my files to uploaded here for you to choose from. Any questions or quote feel free to contact me below

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 Here is a music video sample in whiteboard video format

You can have something like this in affordable price. Just name it, cartoon, doodle, sketch, black and white or colorful, with or without hand showing, let me do it in two weeks for duration up to 3 minutes. Want to discuss it with me. Please find the contact form below.

Happy watching!

Here is one of my projects about school/education in sketch or doodle animation format

whiteboard video education

You guys want to make something similar, may get inspiration from here. This project was done in 2016 and the school wanted me to create another series in color.

Want to order? Find a contact form at the right side of this post